Office of the Sheriff

Sheriff T.W. McComas

Sheriff Tom McComasSheriff Tom McComas began his law enforcement career with the Cabell County Sheriff’s Department in 1981 as a deputy sheriff.  He became the first officer in the history of the Department to be promoted through every rank, and he has worked in every division of the Sheriff’s Department and commanded both the Detective and Judicial Divisions.  He developed and commanded the Department’s Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) team.  He also has been the Department’s weapons instructor for several years, and is a certified instructor in the following disciplines:


             Tactical Assault Rifle

             Chemical munitions

             Oleo Resin Capsicum

             Submachine Gun

             Distraction devices


Sheriff McComas is a life-long resident of Cabell County, and he is currently serving the second year of his first term as the Sheriff of Cabell County.


Chief Deputy Douglas E. Ferguson 

Chief Deputy Douglas E. FergusonChief Deputy Doug Ferguson heads the Law Enforcement Division of the Cabell County Sheriff’s Department, including overseeing all uniformed officers within the Department.  Chief Deputy Ferguson has been with the Department since 1995 and was promoted to Chief Deputy by Sheriff McComas in January 2009.